Thursday, December 22, 2005

The one with Love Won't Leave You

Mark my words: Avalon's new single Love Won't Leave You is a hit single just waiting to be picked up by CCM and pop-rock radio. I kid you not. Love Won't Leave You by Avalon is a pop-rock song that could turn your world around. It's an upbeat, jump-up-and-raise-your-arms-to-praise-God kind of song, and you'd do really well to request that radio on your hometown's CCM radio station.

Visit the official Avalon website and listen to the snippet of Love Won't Leave You. You can also visit the Avalon MySpace page and be added as a friend! Whee!

Love Won't Leave You is a really, really great song that could do well at AC outlets. I love how the lyrical hook of the chorus works: "Love is always true - God is love, and love won't leave you!" I am positive you'll like it too! Praise God! What a fantastic song!

What are you waiting for? Join the bandwagon of this great, great song and help take Avalon and Love Won't Leave You to #1 on the overall Contemporary Christian charts!

I think I caught you just in time
I caught you trying to survive
Broken pieces in your heart, never mend
But every hope you’ve ever had
Can breathe again

Love won’t leave you empty-handed
Broken down and somewhere stranded
Love won’t leave you hanging on for life
Cause love is
Love is always true
God is love
And love won’t leave you

I wanna say you’ll be okay
Always doing things the hard way
Living paralyzed by fear
But you know
You can let it go today
And save tomorrow

Love is gonna free your mind
Love is gonna steal your pride
And even though the hard times come
Love is gonna make things right

I think I caught you just in time
Love is gonna save your life

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