Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Superblessed Guide to the Philippine Blog Awards Semifinalists Part 3

There are 35 nominees in the Best Blog Site of the Year category, a veritable buffet of blogs to suit your taste and preferences! Your run-through of the semifinalists, in alphabetical order:

1. A Gelay Log. Angela Solis' blog is a witty and informative blog that deals with her issues. Charming!

2. Asteeg.net. Louie's charm lies in his own high school meanderings and ever-playful design. Youth rocks!

3. Beauty in Balance. Lizbeth's classic romantic design goes very well with her thoughtful nature and fine, upstanding Atenean demeanor. Intoxicating!

4. Chinito.org. I've known Boris as a blogger for a long time now, and he's a fine, upstanding young man. His blog is equally interesting. Madaug ka na gid!

5. Cluttered Thoughts. Daniel is thrilled to be a finalist - and I'm not surprised that he is. Cute layout, honest thoughts, and a quality about him make this blog a joy to read.

6. Crammer. Abi claims to be a crammer - but it doesn't show on this colorfully green (she's Atenean!), creatively jampacked blog. Yum!

7. Crazy World of Ayan. Ayan Deato, model/host/writer. The site's all about him, and I think the world should get a chance to know about him. Cheers!

8. Crimson Freak. Arianne's visually arresting blog provides stimulating and relevant content. Fun!

9. DearDiarya. Mr_D writes with the heart on the sleeve, and in Filipino, too! It makes me proud to be Pinoy. Mabuhay!

10. DesignLabProject. Michael Belleca's site is a frontrunner for sheer visual pleasure. A winner in every sense of the world. Must-visit-asap.

11. Digital Distraction. I'm glad Aaron made this category too, proof that this blog is definitely world-class quality. Great photos, great content, great site.

12. Dzune Online. Dzune is wonderfully honest, and there's nothing more refreshing. Swing on by and encourage him, especially now, since his sister's moved into Jesus' home.

13. Guttervomit. The site is about less than nothing, in author Luis' words. I think it's about a lot of things, and there's always something new to be learned from this site.

14. IntoOblivion.net is offline.

15. Ironwulf.net. I am such a fan. This site is one of my favorites - awesome photography, awesome site design, excellent blog. Wow!

16. Jem. Unabashed Christian Jem, Queen and Mestisa, is such a pleasure to read for her faith and her love of life! Yay for Christian teens!

17. JohnReyes.net features an irresistibly unique design and attention-grabbing photos that combine for a great blog experience. Mmm-mm!

18. Just a Smile. Benildean Lai Reyes makes us proud with this girly, heartfelt, painstakingly honest blog. One of the better younger bloggers out today.

19. Lucaret. Also known as Rhetorics of the Hopeless Lunatic, this site is visually arresting, content-rich, and, well, quite addictive. You've been forewarned.

20. Me Dot Inside. Me Dot Inside is beautiful on both the dot outside and dot inside. Take a look!

21. Memoirs of a Neophyte. I love NiƱo's blog - it's witty and sarcastic with touches of soul and sentiment. Must-read.

22. Munimuni. Jary is both contemplative and thought-provoking. The title gives it all away. Hmm!

23. Panibugho. Tauffer Ng maintains a stunning, classic blog with something for everybody. Mesmerizing!

24. Pepster.tk is offline.

25. PinayExpat. AnP is another blogger I've known from way back - and she's back and better than ever! MeinGotten!

26. Pink Pillows. Mary Sue's anime design underscores a bemusement with the world. Fluffy!

27. Quezon.ph. Manuel L. Quezon III maintains this astute political blog. Absolutely riveting!

28. Salt and Pepper. Yoj and Seph make a cute couple. Engrossing!

29. Sedricke/Skyscraper. Sedricke's photoblog is a semifinalist, and his blog is as well. The man is talented, talented, talented. Check it out!

30. SigawTahimik.tk. Myke's dark and brooding design stands out for its uniquel surreal feel. Chilling!

31. Solastralune. Jet/Sheila maintains a deeply introspective, classy blog with much to learn from. Thought-provoking!

32. Special Education Teacher in Washington, D.C.. Teacher Sol's blog is both informative and heartwarming. Awww!

33. StephenCuyos.com. To think a young priest is behind this simple site that glows with superblessings that come from a great God! Be blessed by this site1

34. Sweet Soul's Dream Ball. Lily is grace personified, and her blog just radiates with cheer and joy. Go, go, go!

God bless all semifinalists!

Update: Special thanks to MLQIII, who says this post contains "the nicest capsule reviews ever blogged." Thank you, Sir!

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