Tuesday, November 01, 2005

The one with Tea Square iced teas

If you like frequenting the Manila malls as much as I do, you may have noticed a kiosk franchise sprouting up around the metropolis that sells what may be the most refreshing beverage you'll ever get under P35. I'm referring to Tea Square, and with branches in Robinson's Manila, Market! Market!, and the Glorietta Food Court, as far as I know, you are never too far from the best budget teas you'll ever get your hands on. Trust me - I like tea.

Unlike other iced teas, you literally get to see the Tea Square's tea in front of you because the tea bag is put inside your glass (makes for a great refill!). The iced tea varieties from Tea Square include Mint, as well as Apple and Cinnamon, but my favorite by far is their Four Red Berries iced tea, which has raspberry, strawberry, cranberry, and that other red berry I can never seem to remember. Delicious, incredibly refreshing, and not too sweet (their sweetener comes from a simple sugar syrup, so if you'd rather have your tea straight up, you can ask the barista not to put the syrup in).

Other items in stock at Tea Square include hot tea varieties and some kind of filled bread sticks in flavors like Chicken a la King and Mushroom and Pesto.

Trust me on this: if you're looking for iced tea, go to Tea Square. You won't be disappointed.

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