Monday, November 28, 2005

The Superblessed Guide to the Philippine Blog Awards Semifinalists Part 2

There are 24 nominees in the Best PhotoBlog of the Year category, every one of which is visually pleasing and absolutely delightful! Your run-through of the semifinalists, in alphabetical order:

1. All About Us. Cess Ong's blog features some head-on shots that display human emotion at its most raw. Oh and she's a Benildean, too. Must-visit!

2. Along Came TserYAH! TserYAH publishes one of the most refreshingly honest blogs I've visited in a long time. The images are pretty honest, too. A fresh blog to visit!

3. AJ Jusay's photographs are taken with a keen eye for detail and with a mother's love. You have got to give credit to that potent combination. Yum!

4. Byahilo. A dizzying araw of sights (and virtual sounds!), this blog takes you all over the Philippines. As the author says, your journey begins here. Sakay na!

5. Dubai Chronicles. Jeff's adventures in the Middle Eastern peninsula provide him much fodder for exceptionally professional photographs. Expertly taken. Drop by!

6. Digital Distraction. Aaron's blog features photographs provide a visually delicious range of colors and images. Fun fun fun!

7. Erik's Adventures. "Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints. Kill nothing but time." Beautiful!

8. Eye Focus. Each stunning photograph comes with informative blurbs about the circumstance and topic. Breathtaking!

9. The Honeyspot. Wry and satiric, with some shocking photographs in there. Verrrry interesting!

10. This blog's design and photographs take my breath away. In my opinion, one of the strongest contenders. You must visit this blog.

11. NocturnalAngel2. I envy Pam Pastor. She's a brilliant writer with the dream job (2BU Ed-in-Chief). She's beautiful and she takes great photos. Visit this blog immediately!

12. Photos from Sedricke. Stark in design, stunning in visual imagery. Photographs and not much else. If you're a minimalist all about the pictures, this is the blog for you.

13. Photoseko. Daday da Makulay lives up to the name, all right. All colors of the rainbow, photographs that stand out for beauty and vision... this blog has it all. Do drop by!

14. Pixel Pimp. "pixelpimp is all about graphic designs, photography pursuits, and their subtleties combined (with emphasis on this personal mantra: share something spiffy!)." Inspiring!

15. Psylocke's Paradise. Psylocke is still stunned by making the PhilBlogAwards' semifinals. I'm not surprised - each photograph is lovingly taken with the eye of an expert. Magical!

16. Puto ni Mimi. "Provinces, forests, beaches, the sands, shells, trees', grass', the wind and heat of the sun... hang sarap mag unwind." She's witty and sharp. Very impressive!

17. Retrospection. Cruise, as the author calls himself, does literally that, cruising along and snapping shots whenever he can. It helps to be quite thoughtful, as his accompanying blurbs show. Cool!

18. Rhodyl accompanies each photograph with his own commentary that is often humorous and introspective as well. I enjoy his fresh outlook. Do visit!

19. Rhyme With Ralph. A razor-sharp sense of humor and a good eye for detail are the strongest reasons to visit this balikbayan's blog. Visit asap!

20. The Shadowkeeper is a Chick. Becky's shots are humorous and detailed - she has one shot with a bus passenger picking her nose! Ew! A laugh and a half, daan na!

21. Sightseer. Dr. Emer's photoblog is unique and thoughtful. Large photographs enable you to see the beauty of each individual shot. Glorious.

22. Son of Soy. Introspective and thoughtful, Son of Soy takes pictures with a precise eye and a child's wonder. Delightful!

23. Time Out! AL Bjornstad's Eurofocused blog is serene, with photographs that belong in a coffee table book. Divine!

God bless all semifinalists!

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