Friday, November 25, 2005

The Superblessed Guide to the Philippine Blog Awards Semifinalists Part 1

There are 14 nominees in the Most Informative Blog category, every one of which is definitely worth visiting on a regular basis. Here's a quick run-through of the semifinalists, in alphabetical order.

1. Captain's Log. Jepoy's blog reads like a personal blog highlighting his interests, often crossing the boundaries and crisscrossing topics, although science fiction is obviously a priority. Interesting!

2. The Daily Prophet. Y.B. Masdal's alias Major Tom operates one of two blogs nominated in this category (the other being Where is the Citizen on Mars?). This particular blog deals with prophecies from the author spanning a wide variety of topics. A fascinating read!

3. DiaryngIsangPogi has disappeared.

4. Filipino Librarian. Updates on librarian-related news and information, but with plenty more tidbits on scientific discoveries, pop culture, and Philippine interest topics. Focused and professional!

5. Follow the Process. In blog author Jomar's words, this blog "reveals how I follow the process of becoming financially free. Stories of how opportunities come and go, get analysed (complete with charts!) How I look for them (sometimes) and the steps I will do to obtain passive income as well as wrong turns too!"

6. Kuwento Kuwento. Benjamin Pimentel's political blog features interviews with Filipinos from all over the world including Sheila Coronel of PCIJ. It's also featured the folk group Asin, Apl De Ap of Black Eyed Peas, and Newsbreak's Glenda Gloria. Kuwento Kuwento will give you the story story. Enjoy this blog every day!

7. ManofMars. A pop culture blog, this music and cinema-focused blog keeps one updated on the local indie scene as well as on certain movies and pop culture undercurrents. Worth the regular visit, although by his own admission, he doesn't update as much as he'd like. Rockin'!

8. NewsRoom Barkada. Run by Glenn Omanios, this blog posts Philippine-relevant news and information. It sure saves you time running through! Daily read requirement!

9. Parallel Universes. Doc Emer's an online acquaintance, thanks to Wifely Steps, the one blog that should have made the semis but didn't. Luckily, Doc Emer's did, and rightly so! With useful, timely information on science and health from a Filipino perspective, this is one blog that is relevant and worthwhile. Visit it daily!

10. Pinoy Big Brother Philippines. The author of this page, Pinoy Idol, provides regular updates on the comings and goings of the housemates of season 1 of Pinoy Big Brother, the reality show that's sweeping the Philippines. Engrossing!

11. The Professional Heckler. The Professional Heckler provides a wry and biting commentary on Philippine politics. Always enjoyable and well-informed, the Heckler's sarcastic tirades on the current administration's idiosyncracies always make for a truly enjoyable experience. Must-read!

12. The Rocket Boy Chronicles. Another pop culture blog, The Rocketboy Chronicles updates one on pop culture in general, with movies an obvious focus. Lot of links to good movie posters and shots. Satisfying!

13. Where is the Citizen on Mars? Y.B. Masdal's alias Major Tom has two blogs nominated in this category (the other being The Daily Prophet). This particular blog, in his own words, is "envisioned to present socio-political issues in a manner that clarifies rather than complicates matters. At the same time, this blog also presents personal and other leisurely subjects thus broadening the scope of its subjects." Captivating!

That's only 13, you might say. Who's the 14th? Well, praise God. ;)

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