Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The one with why Carlene Aguilar could win Miss World 2005

The Philippine Daily Inquirer published a press release on Bb. Pilipinas-World candidate Carlene Aguilar, who will leave November 11 for Sanya Hainan, China, to participate in the Miss World 2005. Will Carlene Aguilar, Bb. Pilipinas-World, take home the Miss World crown and become the first candidate from the Far East to win (with five Misses India and one Miss Guam, who took over from a dethroned Miss Germany, technically not counting)?

I was talking to Cathy and everything seems ripe for Carlene Aguilar's victory (although, yes, Miss World is terribly unpredictable in that regard. Remember how Sharmaine "Ruffa" Gutierrez was obviously cheated out of her rightful throne back in 1993!).

Here are some reasons, some my own and some from Global Beauties, which places her as the one to beat, that make a strong argument for Bb. Pilipinas-World candidate Carlene Aguilar to be throned as Ms. World 2005:

1) The pageant is being hosted for the third year in a row in China. Carlene was 2nd runner-up Miss Chinese International 2004, so you can imagine the hometown crowd supporting her loyally after their own candidate, Miss China, ting Ting Zhao. It also seems appropriate that a candidate from Asia's Far East finally win while the pageant is held in Asia.

2) The past three years, only the Philippine candidates have entered the Top 5 (Mafae Yunon, Karla Bautista, and Katherine Manalo - who, I might add, used to sing with us in our band, ha ha ha), primarily through the strength of SMS voting, which is part of the selection process. The Philippines is the SMS capital of the world - you can imagine how many votes Carlene Aguilar will log, especially in the wake of Precious Lara Quigaman's victory at the Miss International 2005 and Filipina Mara Morelli's triumph at the minor pageant Italia Nel Mondo.

3) Carlene Aguilar is a pageant veteran. Aside from placing 2nd at the Miss Chinese International 2004 pageant, she also represented the Philippines at the Miss Earth 2001 pageant and entered the semifinals. She was also Miss Chinatown Manila and won several awards during her Bb. Pilipinas tenure, including Miss Philippine Airlines and Miss Avon.

4) Carlene is 5"9, weighs 129 lbs. and measures 35 ½ -24 – 35 ½. She's tall enough to make an impression (Precious Lara Quigaman, by comparison, stands 5"5 1/2).

5) Ms. World president Julia Morley apparently loves girls with a squeaky clean image. Carlene Aguilar has supported many environmental causes, reads inspirational books, and loves her family. What do you think? Lesser women have won on lesser chances. I say this year, Carlene Aguilar could be Miss World 2005!

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