Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The one that complains more about Faux Pres. Arroyo

Faux Philippine President Gloria "Ate Glue" Macapagal Arroyo has backtracked on proposed minimum wage increases, shortly after meeting with top local and foreign businessmen.

In her speech, the President decried the way the media had been presenting the news, saying “the headline of the day can be unsettling and discouraging.” “Every molehill is treated like a mountain. Every accusation is treated as truth. Every piece of good news is stepped on by the bad,” Ms Arroyo said.


What good news can you possibly give us, Ate Glue? Think of it in practical ways. The common tao doesn't care how much money the government makes through E-VAT, nor does the common tao care about foreign debt, which, to their knowledge, they really didn't do anything to acquire.

What good news can we possibly fathom if the common tao can't bring food to their tables? How happy will a father of three be when he has to pull out his kids from the (tuition-free) public schools because he can't pay for their books and allowance? Do you think a mother can sleep well when she can't cook any of the food her husband brings home because she can't afford to buy gasul?

Food and access to education are just two basic rights that the majority of the Filipino people have to struggle to attain. Basic rights!

“The easy manipulation of this issue by the destabilizers and the media who further their agenda is a case of Chicken Little screaming that the sky is falling,” she said. “Well, the sky is not falling.”

Tell that to the starving people, Ate Glue. I understand businesses have to survive, but if we don't have money to even get to work, I can tell you businesses will not survive.

In practical terms, food is more expensive, gas prices are soaring, the middle class and the poor are getting poorer, and much of the middle class is leaving the country.

Ouch! A piece of sky just landed on my head! Dear Lord!

The President insisted that her administration’s decision to raise taxes through the VAT “has already strengthened this nation and will provide more economic opportunity and job creation than any other single initiative we could have done.”

Really? The only thing I see strengthened is my resolve to pray for a chance to leave this country.

“I reject extremists’ calls to isolate our nation from our friends and allies in the world. I reject extremists’ calls that will junk the market system and create a controlled economy. I reject extremists’ calls to overthrow our duly constituted government and entrust our fortunes to an un-elected anti-capitalist dictator,” she said.

I reject a President who has yet to prove her rightful place in office. You got to the Presidency when the people overthrowing the duly constituted, elected President, Mrs. Arroyo. Don't ever forget that. When dangerous precedents are set, you must raise the bar and earn the country's respect, and instead of doing that, you've done virtually nothing.

I reject a President whose actions have only served to isolate her from the rest of the nation. [Do you really think Cebu and Davao care about you, Mrs. Arroyo?]

I reject a President whose see-saw behavior and decision-making processes belies her true feelings about her service to the people. I reject a President who says one thing, but does another. Build an ethanol plant! Chuchu! It still belongs to you, the land is yours, ang labas lang n'yan, the Philippine government that operates the plant will have to pay land rent to you. Kumita pa kayo!

She said she had put in place three strategies to realize “the vision of a modern Philippines” where in 20 years it will join the ranks of First World nations:

• Building strong macro-economic fundamentals and strict fiscal discipline so the government can balance the budget, improve the country’s credit ratings, attract investments and have money to invest in infrastructure and people.

The corrupt cannot discipline the corrupt.

• Taking an aggressive campaign to reengage the country with the world through trade agreements and to ensure the people protection from terrorism.

What's our main source of trade? People. In effect, aggressively campaigning for better laws for our OCWs so the middle class will be even more tempted to leave the nation. We don't have doctors, nurses, and teachers. You know what kind of nation doesn't have that?

The indebted to the military cannot dictate to the military. [Oh, by the way, most soldiers don't have food either.]

• Fulfilling her 10-point pro-poor agenda.

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