Saturday, November 12, 2005

The one with Carlene Aguilar's Miss World photos

I'm sorry, but damn! Carlene Aguilar is FINE! I'm telling you, Carlene Aguilar, the Philippines' bet to the Miss World 2005 pageant in Sanya, China, is really one of the odds-on ladies to beat. Come on, look at these pics!

Tall and statuesque!

Awesome profile!

Here's praying she doesn't choke like Miriam Quiambao at the Miss Universe pageant a few years ago. Tsk tsk.

We can help Carlene by voting. I'll post soon on how to vote for this year's pageant. Meanwhile, I think - as one of the two things that unites Filipinos, aside from boxing champions - we can help raise our national pride out of its doldrums by praying for Carlene. Come on, folks, show this country's superblessed in this regard.

Update 1: Paddy Power has Carlene winning at 8-1 odds.

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