Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Oddsmakers predict Ms Philippines will win Miss World 2005

Miss Philippines 2005 Carlene Aguilar is the odds-on favorite to win Miss World 2005, if online bettors are to have their way.

Carlene Aguilar, Miss Philippines , is solid with at least four online betting sites, including Paddy Power, which places Carlene Aguilar winning at 8-1 odds,, which has Miss Philippines winning at 9-1 odds,, which says Bb. Pilipinas Carlene Aguilar will take it home at 11-1 odds, and, which predicts a Miss World-Philippines victory at 12-1 odds.

The only site that doesn't have Ms. Philippines as the front runner is, which places Carlene Aguilar winning at 10-1 odds, good enough for Top 5.

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