Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The one with the weird photos

I've been going nuts with my new digicam. :D Praise the Lord for this gift of technology, and God, I apologize and repent for the blasphemous photos.

This is my favorite Nathan shot. Isn't he cute?

Some brothers and sisters of my church's praise and worship ministry. Yeah, they're crazy.

Hey, I got hungry!

I have got to lose some weight! The worst part is, there's no camera trick here!


manlalakbay said...


ang cute ng anak mo. and you are so ugly. hahaha! funny, scary monster sa last one. hahaha!

wuv u.


Tina said...

Ganns, what's with the open mouth?! haha. :P nice pics. :D

Toni said...

You look like Marshmallow Man, only in orange. Hehe.

Lyra said...

you look like a blob ganns! :p

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