Sunday, October 24, 2004

The one on the Burger King stereotype

For everyone's information, I'm on the South Beach diet. I've enrolled at Slimmer's World, and have full intentions of making my body God's temple, not His America's Mall. Problem is, there are few places in most malls that have South Beach diet-friendly cuisine. So, I walk into Burger King Greenbelt with the full intention of buying myself a corned beef breakfast meal to tide me off until the afternoon.

COUNTER GIRL: Good morning, Sir!
ME: Good morning.
COUNTER GIRL: Whopper meal, Sir?
ME: (to myself: Huh? Does she offer a Whopper meal to people right off the bat?) No, I want a...
COUNTER GIRL: Whopper Jr. meal? Two-piece beefsteak meal?
ME:(to myself: Why is she offering me all these large meals?) I would like a corned beef meal.
ME: (to myself: And?? That's it!) That's all.

I am never going back to Burger King. How presumptuously rude can you get?


bakura82 said...


Here is some advice, just stay away from fast food altogether. *grin*

Ganns said...


Not a bad suggestion at all, E.

Jay said...

Maybe she took one look at you and exclaimed "Whopper sir!" She just added the other meals to save face. (Sorry, couldn;t help it...I've had all these fat jokes but too few fat friends to try them on - and these are friends who will love me and forgive me no matter how bad or offensive I was!).

My two cents: cut out the salt, the fat and the carbs. I've lost eight pounds in 2 days so far.

Ganns said...

Eight pounds in two days. What did you eat? Paper? (No, wait, those are carbs.)

Deb said...

I watched the movie "Super Size Me" last week. I don't think I'll eat fast food again.

Toni said...

*LMAO* Burger King food is terrible!!! Why were you even there in the first place!?

Rodney Olsen said...

I'm sure it's not just you.

I get annoyed at the times I've walked into a fast food outlet, obviously alone, to order a meal to take home for my family of four. I order 4 burgers, a few servings of fries and a couple of drinks, and they have the cheek to ask if I'm eating in 'the restaurant'.

What? You think I'm going to eat all this myself? Give me a break. I'm taking it home to feed my family, not sitting here eating enough for a family by myself.