Saturday, October 23, 2004

The one with the exasperation with our government

I have totally had it with our government! The [righteous] anger I feel at the inefficiency and gall of our elected leaders is beyond fury - and while I hesitate to malign those in public service who have remained honest despite all the thievery around them, it would not be without reason to blast every single hypocrite who dares to call himself a public servant! Mga walang-hiyang buwayang walang utang na loob!

Jesus preached love. How can you say you love your country when you squirrel away hundreds of millions of pesos in accounts abroad for your own self-gain? Were those taxes not paid for by me, and millions like me, to help serve the people, not fatten your bank accounts?!

The Armed Forces are supposed to protect us, not steal! To keep us safe, not terrorize! To defend, not kill!

Jesus preached sacrifice. How dare you tell me to sacrifice when you won't even lessen the number of cellular phone calls and outrageous bills that you charge to the Filipino people?! How dare you fly to other nations for your own agenda, and charge it to our account? Your people are dying from eating garbage, and you are safe in your ivory towers, built off our blood and sweat!

Jesus preached acceptance. How dare you support a war on innocent civilians, and support a hypocritical American president who justifies the mass murder of other human beings and dares call himself Christian?!

Jesus preached morality. How am I to respect the hallowed halls of government when secret families are being harbored, trysts happen on regular basis, and I am made to pay for their support?!

Jesus preached forgiveness. Am I to swallow all this bile, at being slapped in the face and being robbed blind right here and now, because one man died for me?!

Yes, I am.

Lord, it is the most difficult task You've had me do! What happens to my nation? What will happen to my son? What is to become of this land I call home?

Many questions, no answers. But yet, we trust. It doesn't make it any easier, but we forgive you. We will forgive, and support, with our hands clasped in prayer, and our trust in a God whose actions have proved more trustworthy than yours.


bakura82 said...

I keep getting these dreams of going of to a land far away and starting a new, uncorrupted, and Christ-filled nation... I get so tired of all the evils and the detestalbe people who pretend to be there for us...

However, when you speak of the American President, I can say that I agree. I believe that for peace to exists, sometimes there needs to be war to put in place. Believe it or not, even Christians believe in just wars. Did not God himself ask his people countless times to fight? Is it not God will will come again as a warrior King to destroy evil?

It's easy to say Jesus is a man of love and peace, but Jesus is not a God of passiveness. He does not sit at the side lines and watch people slaughtered. he does something about it. Remember, God is the same today, yesterday, and tomorrow.

I may not agree with Bush on everything and I think he jumped into Iraq to soon, but overall, the war on terror is justified and the right thing to do. Saddam killed millions of people. Removing him was the best thing the world could do and removing others like him is the next bext.

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing."
- The Baron Lytton

Deb said...

I'm so sorry for all you must deal with. I'm praying that God will give you wisdom.

Drina said...

God indeed had allowed his people to fight in the past, but I don't believe this can excuse all of our present wars. As Christ said, those who live by the sword will die by the sword, and the war in Iraq is not a Christian war. It's a political one. There are a lot of other Christians, even in the United States, who are exhasperated by it. You're not alone, Ganns.

bakura82 said...

The last thing I would have suggested is that all wars are justified through Just War. That isn't true and I don't think even every aspect of the current war on terror is good. It's not like this is God's people fighting. It's a combo of God's people and a lot of heathens fightign togther with a common enemy. I never said Iraq was a "CHristian war" or even a the war on terror is. That's okay though. The men will die for you whether you feel it was right or not. Tomorrow you will live, and it is partially because of what they sacrificed for you.

Out of respect though to Ganns and his blog, I will not comment futher. My blog is definately a fire fight, but Ganns isn't and I don't want to turn it into that.

Ganns my friend, I want you to know that I am praying for you and I know that with your beliefs, things are hard right now and that it is difficult to see what is going on. I am sorry you have to deal with it. Be well though. No matter what happens in this world, Christ is coming again and none of this will ever happen anymore.

Be well my friend.

Drina said...

>Tomorrow you will live, and it is partially because of what they sacrificed for you.<

If I live to tomorrow, it will only be because God willed it. And if I don't live to tomorrow, I will be thankful to God for the 24 years I've had.

My comment was not intended to insult anyone who is part of the armed services, because they are simply doing their duties; it is not they who made the decision to go to war. I'm fully aware of the sacrifices being made for me; members of my family and friends have told me what they've been through over there.

The fact that good, self-sacrificing men and women are being killed while searching for nonexistant weapons of mass destruction exasperates me. The fact that innocent Iraqi people, even children, are being killed exasperates me. And from the looks of it, I'm not the only Christian who feels this way.

Now, it's not my intention to further fuel an argument, and I apoligize if this has resulted from my post, but I wanted to explain myself a little better lest my previous comments be perceived differently than intended.

Ganns said...

It is one thing to be passive, E. We believe in a great and mighty God who deals with evil people in His own great and mighty way. He killed Nabal when Nabal refused to help David. In the New Testament, he killed those two Christians (whose names I forget) who tried to make a profit off their brothers and sisters. He struck Michal barren, and Gehazi with leprosy.

Let God deal with the evildoers in His own time, according to His own perfect will. When people take matters into their own hands and play the role of God, stripping leaders of their leadership in a situation that is not their own, it robs God of His own sovereignty and might, an opportunity for Him to use His glory correspondingly.

Thousands have died since the United States intervened in the affairs of the Iraqis, and thousands more will die before this useless exercise is through. No WsMD have been found, and no American-appointed leaders have been accepted wholeheartedly by the Iraqi people.

It is not godly to rebel against one's leaders. My country is suffering as a result of this culture of rebellion, and we cannot be blessed until we we accord our leaders a certain amount of respect (or at least respect their office, if not them as individuals). I respect the office of my leaders, and challenge and encourage the people occupying those offices to shape up or ship out, at the expense of their own judgment one day in the hands of a God whose mercy may not extend when it's too late.

bakura82 said...

It was Ananias and Sapphira and they were killed for lying to the Holy Spirit.

As I said above, I will not turn this into an argument because I have never really seen you blog as a bed for that. I have discussed this on mine and will continue to because I personally think people have simple been misled by corrupt media and corrupt politicians.

You are entitled to your opinion and I will indeed continue to lift you up in prayer because this really does bother you.

tenchu said...

you got that right, brother! well said.

Arnold said...

Hi Ganns. Not to add fire by throwing more fuel, but I'd like to add on the role of media and how we perceive things and stand on a position based on how media 'feed' us with information.

Have you watched the movie Farhrenheit 9/11? You can grab a DVD of it and if you're anti-Bush, you'll surely love it. :-) It's a good one. On the other hand, while most of the people became sooo anti-Bush after watching it, I held a rather unique conclusion. That media can do a lot of things. It can destroy or build up a person. The movie, as far as my personal analysis is concerned is biased the least and done with a bad intent to destroy Bush's campaign the most. The interviews were chopped to fit for his narrative, and obviously took the speaker's words out of context. It insinuates things that are baseless. Oh, well. That's a movie. Nonetheless, the the writer/director is an investigative journalist himself.

Locally, while the media has been dragging down our AFP general, and while I tend to believe what they say he is, I'd rather wait for the courts to decide whether he really is guilty or not.

I'm not saying the media reports incorrect information. But I think our positions in certain aspects of our society including our frustrations of it are largely influenced by the media. In the first place, we don't have anyway of knowing it except thru them.

bakura82 said...

...but, to be fair, I would also suggest picking up a copy of Fahrenhype 9/11 also, that is assuming we want to be holistic and fair. :)