Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The one with Brother Rolly Dizon in my car

So I report to work today at 1030am with full intentions of getting down to work and finishing up all the papers so the Annual Report can be ready by next week. I guess it wasn't to be. Brother Rolly was to announce his resignation at 12nn, and he was in La Salle Greenhills (my old alma mater!), and needed to be fetched. There wasn't a CHEd car available, so I was asked.


Me, drive CHEd Chairperson and Lasallian Brother Rolly Dizon, FSC, PhD, in my clunker of a car?!? I was stunned. Highlight of my week. My month. My year! Driving Brother Rolly. I could make a screenplay!

It was the biggest blessing! We talked, about Lasallian values versus Atenean values, about my magazine, about his fight with cancer. Everything the press says about this man is so wrong: he's a gentle, learned, eloquent man, whose inner strength radiates throughout his body, in his smile, his demeanor, his countenance.

Brother Rolly was responsible for the Zobel housing project that, in December, will be home to family. Brother Rolly spent 18 years serving La Salle Greenhills. Brother Rolly's thumbprints are all over my life as an educator and as a Lasallian.

I love this man, and the fact that CHEd people are thanking me for driving him around is ridiculous. I should be thanking them!

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