Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The one with the Superblessed Christian Blog Award winners 2004

It actually becomes more difficult to post winners than nominees, because there is always the tendency to hurt some people (which is why it thrills me, in a twisted way, that I'm never nominated in these contests, because at least I don't have to lose in public). I hope no one gets hurt by their not running away with the titles. Know that you continue to bless me, and I am forever grateful for the love and lessons I've gleaned from your blogs. I love, honor, and treasure your friendship.

Be superblessed!

Best Designed Blog.
Mikks Maducdoc, Mikkan. Mikks is a tremendously talented Filipino teen (who will be featured in the January issue of LIVEtheLIFE) whose graphic skill is matched by his musical talent. I truly have such admiration for this kid - and his work speaks for itself. He can do animation, he can do Flash... I see the future of Pinoy Christian animation in his eyes. Love you, Mikks!

Most Humorous Blog.
Michael Main, Michael This was a tough choice, because all the nominees are excellent examples of joyful Christians, but I think Michael embodies the joy and wonder of a Christian life. He goes through a lot, especially with Amy, but when I look at him and his ability to laugh at the minutest things, I am so in awe of the power of God in his life. Love you, Michael!

Most Educational Blog.
David Heddle, He Lives. Dr. Heddle dedicates a huge amount of time and space to apologetics, and this blesses me immensely. I have learned so much from him, and it never ceases to amaze me how he can find time for his life! If I were given a chance to meet a blogger face to face and spend a day with her or him, I'd want to meet David Heddle. :) Love you, Dr. Heddle!

Most Introspective Blog.
Susan, What a Beautiful Day! Susan sees the world through the eyes of a child, and I am continually blessed by this. She always finds lessons to learn in every experience, and this inspires me to want to see God's power in everything. Love you, Susan!

Most Useful Christian Resource.
Blogs4God. I still think this is the most useful Christian resource online for me, primarily because it has brought so many of us Christians together. I have been helped immensely by my brothers and sisters online, and I owe so much to Martin Roth, Dean, and all the folks at Blogs4God for having helped make it happen. I love you guys at B4G!

Best Blog with Online Discussion.
The men and women of Spare Change. The wit! The sarcasm! The arguments! The fights! Well, maybe not all the time, but I am blessed by Spare Change. Just a gang of men and women who blog about life - which is what blogging is about - and how Christ affects their lives. Inspiring, funny, poignant, riveting. Bryan have a good thing going, and they should keep it up, because folks like I are truly blessed by 'em. Love you guys at Spare Change!

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog.
Darren Rowse, Living Room. Darren's blog is the toasty Aussie with the mostie! That he has an actual prayer newsletter is one thing: that he finds time to do so much is even more inspiring. Darren is articulate and humorous, and I continue to be blessed by him. Love you, Darren!

Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog
Arnold Gamboa sends shivers down my spine. He's not much older than I (wait a minute, I think I'm older), but his knowledge of and thirst for the Word of God is truly inspiring. He's a new daddy, just like I am, and the way he talks about God, his family, his son, and his work, well, it just melts my heart. Visit him, he's one of the best Pinoy Christians online. Ever. Love you, Arnold!

Most Enjoyable Female Filipino-Christian Blog
Jax of Jax Place and Maan of My Silverchair. These two ladies are truly admirable. I love Jax Place because it feels like home. She writes like she talks, and speaks from her heart. God is vibrant and alive in her blog because He is part of her, her relationship with Him is alive and thriving. As for Maan, I've always wanted to encourage her because she encourages me. She mayn't know it, but her blog is always pure pleasure to visit: it's lively, it's honest, it's the blog of a person who continues to search. And don't we all? :) Love you, Jax! Love you, Maan!

Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino)
Galvin. You should visit this guy's site! He can't seem to stop writing music for God! What I love about Galvin is that he's so worshipful in every way. His music, for one thing, is a real attraction, but I also enjoy how he tries to apply God's word into everything he does. I think it also encouraging that there are other Asian men out there (another being one of my favorites, DJ Chuang) who boldly proclaim the name of Jesus. Love you, Galvin!

Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino)
Tracy, Tracy, Tracy! I've been a fan for years now, but the Tracester has never truly gotten the recognition she deserves. She's done things I've always wanted to do, including becoming a missionary and getting a body piercing (heehee!). She's funny, and I truly love her zest for life and zeal for God. Oh, and her name-it contests are always fun. Someday, I will win one of those darn contests. :D Love you, Tracy!

Favorite Christian Blog of 2004.
As usual, let me encourage the other four candidates before I announce the winner.

I love Mikks because he reminds me of how powerfully God can use anyone for His glory. At such a young age, he's shown such incredible talent, it just makes me weep. I envision great things for this man, and believe the future is bright for this bold and mighty Christian kid. Mark my words, ladies and gentlemen, this man will do Paul-like things before his time is through. Love you, Mikks!

I love Sue because she truly lives the life. Her life isn't an open book, but she does her best to present herself as genuinely as possible, and this blesses and encourages me immensely. She and Katie are so funny together, and I know that God is pleased with the lives they are now leading for Him. Plus, she works in a record store, for which I am eternally envious. Love you, Sue!

I love Darren because he's such an encourager! For all his troubles and difficulties, he sees the bright side, that is, the Christ side of it all, and this is always uplifting for Christians such as I. His blog is titled Living Room, which is wonderfully named, because it feels like home, but it's also a way for us to see how he himself lives in service of Christ. I also love how he lives in Australia, where one of my sisters lives, and someday, I will visit him, and see his living room. Love you, Darren!

I love Christopher Wright simply because he is everything I wanted to be. His life is living testimony and testament to God's goodness. He molds young minds, raising them to be Christlike, and there is no job that carries that much opportunity, other than parenthood, and I admire him so much for that! I love how he teaches me to appreciate the little things, and how he encourages me every so often with a visit and a kind word. Love you, Mr. Wright!


We are told that Christians live in the world, but are not of the world. I think no one epitomizes this more than that Christian enigma that is Bene Diction. Bene is a citizen of the world, giving two cents on important issues, bringing to the attention of the international community situations that should be addressed, and playing the role of blog statesman to the hilt. As Christians, we must attempt to influence the world, however which way we can, and I think Bene is living up to that role with gusto, grace, and panache. Bene has encouraged me several times, and blessed me almost too immensely; always there when I was down (and blogging), and looking for me when I wasn't online, Bene has played older sibling and trusted friend my entire stay on the blogosphere, and I look forward to the day when we can actually meet each other and I will finally answer that elusive question: Is Bene a boy or a girl? LOL

Be superblessed, and check out all the winning blogs! God bless you!


tapps said...

YAY! *dances* thanks SO much for all your kind and encouraging words ganns! YOU rock my face off! :-D (and God rocks all the time, He is constantly putting wonderful people along my path to share His love and encouragement to me! thanks for being a vessel of God ganns. :-) )

Michael said...

Thank you Ganns.

I'm working on the premise that my sense of humor is being recognized, not the fact that my life is so chaotic it's funny :)

In truth...I am quite honored.

Humor is a gift from has helped me cope through some tough times. If we can't laugh at the little things in life, and sometimes the big things...we far too often miss things.

Thank you again...I see the light flashing indicating the time for my acceptance speech is up. I would like to add that as usual I won't be sharing the prize money.

God Bless,

Klariz said...
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Klariz said...

this is mikks (using my girlfriend's account). bro you've taken our names to where words can't go. So inspiring. And thanks for the blessing you gave me. I really don't deserve such great light for God's work, after all, if I do have much, He gave it to me for his name's sake. I think that's the same for all the winners of this wonderful blog awards. You're so right Ganns. If there's anything we (the winners) have shown here, it is a glimpse of what God can do. Just like Nathan has your mouth, I think we've got the creator's creativity too. May God bless you more than you have blessed us. More power to you, bro.

Esteban said...

Congrats to all those that won! And to those who's feelings got hurt... deal with it... *grin* Ganns loves you anyway, you know.

Christopher said...

Thank you Ganns for the way you encourage and uplift people. It is a gift that isn't seen very often.

And yea to all the winners! You deserve it!

Heffer Wolfe said...

Congratulations to all the winners. :D

Daxi said...

congratulations to all the winners! keep it up Ganns! :)

Jax said...

You spoil me too much, Ganns. Thank you. You know that this means a lot to me. God bless, Ganns!

And Nathan's newest pic is just so cute!

Arnold said...

I don't deserve the kind words, Ganns. Nonetheless, I praise God that somehow, you're inspired by the blog. And no, I'm older at 29 ;)

Galvin said...

Hey Ganns,

Don't know how to put it... but your upliftin' words have been a great encouragement brother... thanks.. and kudos! :)

Susan said...

Thank you so much! I feel so honoured and totally unexpected. You have indeed superblessed me.

Darren said...

thanks Ganns - just heard about the award - sorry for the delay but we've been traveling - appreciate your encouragement.

Rachel said...

Awesome post Ganns :-) Great to read about some blogs I haven't come across yet.

s said...

It's a brilliant list Ganns - all winners. As are you.

And you voiced so well the love and respect so many of us have for Bene and Bene's work and encouragement.

Our Father's blessings to you and your family.

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