Tuesday, October 05, 2004

The one with the bills

This is the part that makes being self-employed suck. :p Upon arriving home last Saturday, I saw bills waiting for me; apparently, Standard Chartered, Bankard, Nippon Life, Sun Life, Toyota Insurance, and Smart Communications don't like to be kept waiting. I don't mind having to pay for these bills (since - hello! - I racked them up in the first place!), but with CHED being the typical government agency (grrr!) and delaying my salary, it takes quite a toll on Cathy's savings.

It can get really annoying. For instance, my Smart SIM was stolen when my mobile was stolen a few months ago. I made requests at two separate Smart centers for a new SIM, and I still haven't been given it. Meanwhile, since it is a postpaid plan, I continue to pay the monthly fee. Simply amazing, my butt. It's simply amazing how they rip me off! I'd buy bread to throw back at them when they throw these boulders at me, but I can't even afford to buy my Gardenia 5-grain wheat loaf because the South Beach diet won't let me have them.

Grr. I hate it when I complain, but even I have to blow off some steam. Argh! Argh! Advertisers, where are you? How can Relevant Magazine and Fish overflow with ads and I can't swing five?

Yet, God is good, and I know all will be well. Bills, begone!

On a side note, I see that JM has moved. Go swing by and see him.


Arnold said...

I'm pretty sure that Fish struggled to get advertisers for their first issue. And, in the first place, they are backed by a well known personality in Bo Sanchez. What can you expect :-) And you are doing this practically all by yourself. So don't despair my brother. It's a natural phenomenon.

Deb said...

I'm sorry you're having a tough time. I'm praying...