Friday, October 01, 2004

The one with throwing out all the VHS tapes

Last weekend, I managed to speak to an aunt who now lives in New Jersey. She used to own the house where my family and I are temporarily staying, and left behind a ton of stuff, including a library of VHS tapes.

Now, I don't know how popular VHS cassettes still are internationally, but here in Manila, they're virtually phased out in the advent of VCD's, DVDs, and CD-Rs. Nevertheless, Cathy and I got a VCR for a wedding gift, and Nathan got two Baby Einstein VHS tapes from his godfather Anthony (that's just so Mafia), so it made sense to keep the VCR and just throw out the uninteresting VHS cartridges.

In the course of the throwing out, I discovered such gems as Dumbo and Aladdin, such duds as Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and La Cage Aux Folles (didn't like the remake, don't care for the original), and stumbled a tape marked Coming of Age. Puzzled, I popped it in.

The sight of two naked bodies writhing in the throes of passion, accompanied by blaring cheesy music, greeted me. Shocked, I dropped the remote and scrambled to find the mute button on the TV set (when one is under that kind of pressure, one tends to forget there is also a mute button on the remote). Who would have guessed that the library played home to pornographic material amidst Down and Out with Donald Duck?

After I got over the initial shock, the next phase came in. Do I watch it? *teehee* Well, temptation made itself manifest, but I dumped it as fast as I could into the garbage bag with all the other VHS tapes before I could get tempted any further, and continued through the library without incident. After all was said and done, I had thrown about 50 tapes into the bag and thrown it out.

What a day.

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