Saturday, October 02, 2004

The one on my being around... and announcing the 2004 Superblessed Christian Blog Awards

When I first started blogging in 2000, I was among the first Filipinos, to my knowledge, to actually do so, and four years later, I find myself a ripe old coot on a Frodo-like journey. My blog has survived at least three incarnations (this one is the fourth), I have seen friends' blogs and rise and fall, yet through it all, I and my integrity have remained relatively intact.

Hey, I'm still here! I don't know where I am on the blogging ecosystem, but I've been around for almost four years, and I'd flatter myself to think that I'm one of the grand daddies of the Philippine-Christian blog phenomenon. My hits may have hit rock bottom, but I'm still flying high.

The fact of the matter is, I blog for me, for my Jesus, and for the Family of God. I stand firm testimony to God's goodness, and I will continue to trumpet it until my dying day or until the Philippines loses Internet connection. LOL

Now, I transformed the Mere Madness blog into a Christian blog after I accepted Jesus Christ in 2000. Slightly more than two years later, I first launched the Christian Blog Awards in January 2003 to honor the God-bloggers who blessed me immensely in 2002. At the time, when it was known as the Mere Madness Christian Blog Awards, it created little buzz but did bless Christ-bloggers who were in my immediate circle of blogs.

In 2002, these were the winners:

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog. Craig Tanner. Avoiding
Most Educational Blog. Mark Byron ( and David Heddle (He Lives).
Best Designed Blog. BrownPau. How Now Brownpau?.
Most Humorous Blog. Mark. The Gospel According to Mark.
Most Introspective Blog. Irene Q. The Musings of Irene Q.
Most Feeding Frenzy Blog. Esteban DaCubanGuy.
Most Enjoyable Filipino-Christian Blog Keren. Keren.
Favorite Christian Blog of 2002. Bene Diction. Bene Diction Blogs On.

In 2003, I transferred to Superblessed and renamed it the Superblessed Christian Blog Awards. I added more categories and expanded the nominees' list; I also introduced a People's Choice option for regular visitors of the blog. I further remember a bit of controversy in the Feeding Frenzy blog category, but that's all water under the bridge, and I'm sure we're all raring to look past that. These were the winners in 2003:

Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog. Tanya of 7 Day Holy. People's Choice: Tanya.
Most Educational Blog. Craig Tanner of Avoiding People's Choice: David Heddle.
Best Designed Blog. Mikks of The Son Seeker Chronicles and Keren Tan of Keren Tan. People's Choice: Mikks.
Most Humorous Blog. Michael Main of Michael and Christopher Wright of What in People's Choice: James Watson.
Most Introspective Blog. Irene Q of Irene People's Choice: Irene.
Most Useful Christian Resource. Blogs4God. People's Choice: Bible Gateway.
Most Feeding Frenzy Blog. Josh Claybourn of Josh People's Choice: Josh Claybourn.
Most Enjoyable Filipino-Christian Blog. Jax of Jax Place. People's Choice: Rick Manzano.
Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog. Darren Rowse of Living Room. People's Choice: Darren.
Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog. Susan L. Prince of Sisters' Weblog. People's Choice: Irene Q of Irene
Favorite Christian Blog of 2003. Christopher Wright of What in

This year, the categories are as follows:

Best Designed Blog.
Most Humorous Blog.
Most Educational Blog.
Most Introspective Blog.
Most Useful Christian Resource.
Best Blog with Online Discussion.
Most Inspirational/Encouraging Blog.
Most Enjoyable Male Filipino-Christian Blog.
Most Enjoyable Female Filipino-Christian Blog.
Most Enjoyable Male Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Most Enjoyable Female Christian Blog (International, Non-Filipino).
Favorite Christian Blog of 2004.

It will be my pleasure to announce the nominees on Monday, October 4, 2004, with the winners' announcement at the end of October. I want to thank everyone for their support of God-blogging, and pray that there will be less controversy this time around. :p Thank you for loving me, and praying for me. Do know that I too pray for y'all.

God bless!


bakura82 said...

May I be nominated for the most "politically incorrect/makes many people mad" weblogs? *grin*

j/k I look forward to seeing how it works out and I am happy to see that you are blogging once again.

Michael said...

I will be looking forward to the results.

Deb said...

I LOVE the pictures you've added on your sidebar. What a beautiful family!!

tray said...

ahh.. all the memories.

man... i can't believe that i've been blogging since 2000... man.. that's FOREVER ago! (at least in "internet-time" :-P