Friday, October 15, 2004

The one with the search words

It's disturbing to see some of the searches that lead people to Superblessed.

Elena Juatco nude. You sick people. Sick, sick, sick. Naked Canadian-Filipino images? Oomph. I'm 7th on Google for this one.
Panasonic DMC- LC 80 review. Yeah, I should probably post my comments on my fabulous new digicam. 6th on Google.
email at Yeah, I should write those guys and tell 'em they rock. 3rd on Google.
"house of sylvanas". These guys rock too. 3rd on Google.
Rolly Dizon. This is unjust! I'm 1st on Google for the CHED Chairperson! Brother Rolly deserves his own website!
Pata tim recipe. I should pry this one out of my mom. 33rd on Google.
Nathan's pics. 7th on Google. My question is? Which Nathan was this person looking for?

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