Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The one with Mandisa singing "Shackles"

Mandisa Hundley delivered a stellar version of Shackles (Praise You) on American Idol, and the naysayers have started hating on her on

Coming to Mandisa's defense wasn't easy, but this was my post.

Mandisa Hundley - Shackles (Praise You)

Seriously, great performance, good energy, brave woman.

While y'all are entitled to your opinions, I think it's doesn't make sense to criticize a person for a song choice just because it reflects his or her beliefs. All song choices should represent you as a person - if you don't agree with the lyrics, don't sing the song.

I fully support Gerb [post 23]. Why can Paris Bennett get away with singing "Work It Out" and "Fever," too songs ridiculously inappropriate for her age and style, and Mandisa receive this hate for singing a positive song about her God?

Sure, it's okay for a 16-year-old to sing about sex, like Paris, or deliver total vocal fluff like Kellie, or turn in a lackluster performance like Lisa, but Mandisa can't sing "Shackles"?

If an idol contestant were to sing George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord," would you hate on that idol for singing about Hare Krishna?

I agree with Simon - it is indulgent because Mandisa gets to sing the music she wants to sing. But so what? American Idol reaches millions of people. If she wants to use the show as a platform to reach people with the message of God's love, she does so at her own career peril. I believe she's made millions of Christians around the world proud of her, and regardless of what happens, she will have made her God proud.

Mandisa turned in a fantastic performance. If she gets voted out next week for singing about the God that keeps her going, she'll be going out knowing she went out singing the praises of her God, and I think that will be more than enough for her.

If you'd care to defend a fellow believer, click here. Mandisa needs your votes more than ever. She deserves your respect for standing up for Christ. Don't let her down, people.

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