Thursday, March 02, 2006

The one with the American Idol 2nd round of eliminations

I didn't get to blog about the eliminations last week on American Idol, but having viewed the videos online, let me just say this for the record: the boys are gonna whup the girls this year (about time too - Ruben Studdard being the only male Idol is a travesty).

My bets for the Top 6 boys (in random order):
1. Ace Young. What's not to like? He's good looking, he can sing, he's easy on the eyes. Guaranteed Top 6.
2. Elliot Yamin. Seriously underappreciated but tremendously talented. His Moody's Mood for Love was the best performance of the night.
3. Will Makar. I love this kid, I really do. 16 years old with a voice like velvet and talent to match. Plus, he's so cute that the teenyboppers will fight over him and Ace. Fred Savage lookalike.
4. Chris Daughtry. I don't get the attraction - he doesn't strike me as anything particularly special. But the rock gods seem to have foretold this guy's destiny. Too rock-y for my taste, but I'm predicting, so Chris, congrats.
5. Taylor Hicks. Everyone seems to love Taylor, including Cathy. He's good, and his voice is unique. Easy was a perfect song choice.
6. Sway Penala. He really is very good. The Filipino community and the black R&B voters will ensure his entry into the final 3.

My bets for the Top 6 girls (in random order):
1. Mandisa. The sista can sing. I liked her ever since her performance of Never, and the fact that she's a believer rocks my world.
2. Kathy McPhee. Beautiful voice. A little raw, but she's obviously a frontrunner.
3. Kellie Pickler. When she's got her game on, she's pretty good. Her How Far, though not universally revered, did give me goosebumps. Gotta admit the whole country bumpkin shtick is wearing thin, but she has talent.
4. Paris Bennett. This little imp seems to have everyone eating out of her hand. I don't like her, she's a second-rate Fantasia, but she's going to make it through, but not very far. And please, girl, get a stylist.
5. Lisa Tucker. Talented and obviously precocious. Could be a Nadia Turner in the making.
6. Ayla Brown. Underappreciated but phenomenal voice (she did the Celine Dion track proud, a diva trick poor Heather Cox couldn't pull off). She'll work her way up.

It's a shame for the girls, though. Melissa McGhee deserves to be in this final 6, preferably at the expense of Paris Bennett. Who knows? :)

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