Friday, March 03, 2006

The one with the incredible Cebu Pacific P10 at 10

I just purchased two round-trip tickets for Puerto Princesa from Cebu Pacific Airlines for... are you ready? P3500. That's P1750 each. That's less than USD35 each! ROUND TRIP!

From today until March 8, you can jockey for airline seats on any of their flights going to any destination for P10 only! TEN PESOS! Of course, you factor in all the other fees, taxes, miscellaneous and whatnot, it rockets up a few hundred pesos. But where else can you fly to Puerto Princesa for P888 one way?!

Thanks to Cebu Pacific's P10 at 10, which celebrates their ten year anniversary, Cathy's and my dream to visit Palawan is going to be realized! Praise God, and thank you, Cebu Pacific!

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