Tuesday, July 19, 2005

The one with updates on some college friends

I'm happy for Wifely. She's been interviewed by Manila Bulletin for her blogging!

I'm thrilled for Erik. He's set up a new blog! Visit this man, he's awesome.

Jay's moving to a new job. I may just take the one he's leaving behind. Hwekhwekhwek.


Toni said...

Aww thanks for the plug, Ganns! And yey, Erik's joined the blogging boat. Now if only Karen and Chiqui hop on too!

Candice said...

Dearie, are you looking for a job? Maybe I can help you out. Let me know. :)

Ganns said...

Toni: My pleasure! I hope they do nga. :p

Candice: Thanks, dearheart! I've got three applications pending. If none of them pan out, I'll definitely give you a call! God bless your heart! By the way, cute pic!

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

hey ganns Please pray for me for a good nights sleep and for healign out mind body souls and spirit.