Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The one with how local music really does change

I am officially old. Inasmuch as I'd like to believe I've still got a few years in me to stay young, I simply ain't no more. Nowhere here does it become more apparent than my displeasure with what's been happening in the music industry lately.

A few years ago (late 1999 into 2001), local music offered music I could really get into. Barbie's Cradle, Imago, Cynthia Alexander, Kulay, and the Apo Hiking Society were making really excellent music. What do I learn today? Barbie's leaving, Imago was royally screwed by their previous label and are now indie (making it harder for their music to hit the airwaves), Kulay disbanded, and the Apo haven't released anything since Banda Rito in 2001. The only gem in my OPM stash six years later? Cynthia's new album, Comet's Tail, is as stunning as Rippingyarns and Insomnia and Other Lullabyes.

What's on the mainstream charts now? Bleh. Rap, rap, and more rap. Thank God for the American Idol finalists, you can actually hear singers sing (even if it is by numbers). I can also pick up some amazing stuff on Launchcast, and that's my only avenue to Contemporary Christian music right now. *sigh*


forg said...

Mr.dean I'm quite confused what are you ranting about local or international scene?

Daxi said...

hehehe...still am...not visible though... but still am. :)