Sunday, July 31, 2005

The one where it's all zo zimple

Beginning Monday, I start work as Marketing Communications Specialist for, "linking the world's guests direct with the world's hotels to the delight of both."

I am very excited for several reasons, among which is the opportunity to do great marketing communications, which I did for the College of Saint Benilde for almost six years. I like the vision of the company, and I like the challenges they're posing me.

I gotta face the facts: Superblessed Media isn't going to thrive, at least not under my leadership. Some people aren't cut out for entrepreneurship. I'm just blessed that it happened while my family was still young, and we can rise above the financial carnage. May God's name be glorified in this new place of work. :)


notsquare said...

hey, congratulations! the job sounds xciting!!! :) :) :)

Susan L. Prince said...

Congrats on the challenging new job!

At least you tried with Superblessed media, that's more than I have the guts to do!

Arnold said...

Maybe we can work together for Superblessed Media in God's time? :D I think our experiences complement.