Sunday, July 03, 2005

The one where I pick up the movie baton from Tina

I honestly love it when blogger friends tag me to answer some survey. Wala lang - feeling loved.

Total Number of Films I own on DVD and Video: Oh dear. More than 150, I'm sure. DVDs, about 70, videos, about 80 or more. I reall should count 'em.

The Last Film I Bought: I bought Chris Rock's Never Scared HBO special on video. Film? Can't quite recall, but I do remember watching Y Tu Mama Tambien with Cathy. Ugh. It was not a Christian film.

Five Films Which I Watch A Lot/ Mean A Lot To Me:
1. Mr. Holland's Opus. This film chronicles the life of Glen Holland, played by Richard Dreyfuss. It inspired me to be a teacher.
2. The Notebook. My favorite romantic film. I look at it as the film that showed me the rest of my life with Cathy.
3. Imelda. This documentary detailing the life of Imelda Marcos digs real deep. Get to know our Iron Butterfly.
4. Sister Act. This is one of my favorite comedies. Whoopi Goldberg is hilarious, and the music is excellent. Mark Shaiman's a genius.
5. Heart and Souls. I love Robert Downey, Jr, and this film is one of his best.

Five people I'm passing the baton to: Linda, Drina, Toni, Abby, and Daxi. I'll bet Daxi'll be the last to answer it.


Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

does wala lang mean feeling loved? if so that is is cool
Dvds: I don't own many per say except the pirates of the carribean but my family and my brother own that 150. we have our own blockbuster up stairs. Not to mention video games coming out the wazoo and my family being a much a WOW freaks. Last film I saw -Meet the Parents sequel--I felt sort of bad because there are all these digs on male nurses and my friend josiah is a male nurse..that is a wack movie-I told my parents don't like that at my wedding....
SW3 was much cooler but sad.
we had a star wars marthron a couple of weeks ago in honor of the new movie.
You watched y tumama Tambien? UGH....not happy, not happy.

Sister Act is definetly a winner, so is The Family man with Nick Cage, (little objectional stuff but other wise very good) MT3000 just fun!, kate and leopard (for the romance/chivery angle,happy gilmore.......

moderate offensiveness but still fun --50 first dates and Big trouble (there is stuff that you could edit out and the movie would be fine.) Big trouble was a movie david loved watching but it reminded me of another person....

The misson is good but sad movie but i liked it. I for romatic comedies, Father of the bride adnd Roxanne!! cheaper by the dozen was cute too.

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

i have to add batman because is so god so good so good!!

there are other movies that are good but i forget at present...

Ann said...

hahaha i just love answering surveys. yeah, it makes you feel loved when you're tagged. parang, "ohmy, he/she/it is thinking of me pala!". -

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said... the work of my hands :)

forg said...

I also love [the notebook and I love it more than the book, and it's a first to me since usually it's the either way

Jay said...

I'm hurt. Movies? And you didn't pass it to me?

Toni said...

GANNS?!? You have a new blog na pala! Will make sure to add you and will answer your meme sometime. Thanks for the tag!

Ganns said...

Sorry, Jay! Based on your blog, I wasn't sure you were still online!

Toni, please do. :) Glad you could visit.