Saturday, July 16, 2005

The one with American Idol Season 3 updates

I am not a Jasmine Trias fan, but listening to the samples on her site, I have to admit she sounds pretty good. Chalk it up to the marvels of modern-day technology, or perhaps she's really just grown into her sound, but the girl sounds legit. The songs are okay, and according to her diary, Excuses, the single, is now #3 on Philippine radio (which station, pray tell?).

I wish her the best.

Other American Idol Season 3 finalists who are trying to work out careers in the ever-fickle American pop industry include LaToya London (lead single Appreciate goes to radio this week); John Stevens (his debut album, Red, debuts at #5 on the Jazz album charts), George Huff (new gospel album out soon), Leah Labelle, and Jon Peter Lewis. No word on Camile Velasco, Amy Adams, and Matt Rogers thus far.

Meanwhile, my personal favorite of all four seasons, the amazing Jennifer Hudson, also has her site up, although it seems to be independent. You can click on the Gallery for some video clips, including a breathtaking performance with Barry Manilow on Weekend in New England. You can visit this other site to see her videos and listen to her sing. This woman should have been the American Idol.

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