Saturday, July 09, 2005

The one with "Girl, is you crazy?!"

President Arroyo has asked all her Cabinet members to tender their resignations.

As Chris Rock so eloquently puts it, "Girl, is you crazy?!"

I don't buy any of Madame President's actions anymore, man. That's ultimately what happens when you do things on the sly: you lose people's trust, and it's only a matter of time before you're swatted away, pretty much like an annoying gadfly (bangaw in local lingo) (Lord knows GMA and the lowly bangaw aren't so far off in terms of size, hwekhwekhwek).

I remember when she first announced she was renouncing her decision to quit after her initial three years in power. I said to Cathy, "how can anyone trust this woman when she goes back on her word as easy as one-two-three?" Back then, one could see the President couldn't be trusted.

It's actually a little sad watching President Arroyo's desperate moves to stay in power: the call for Charter change, the call for her Cabinet's resignations, the thinly disguised motion to send Mike Arroyo abroad (exile my delicious posterior! I'm so sure he shifted their ill-gotten wealth around their overseas bank accounts. Everyone learns from Gen. Carlos Garcia, *smirk*). She will definitely resign, methinks, once she's ferreted away enough cash.

Meanwhile, her political allies are questioning her sudden decision to break down her Cabinet. Analysts are saying it's to allow the opposition to join her towards uniting the nation. What doohockey. It's precisely because the nation is divided that she must resign! The Cabinet mass resignation request can be akin to a cockroach dying, the last desperate twitching of the insect's legs before it finally croacks. In the midst of her political turmoil, the last thing President Arroyo should do is distance herself from her supporters and protectors!

Girl, is you crazy?!

Update: If you search on Yahoo! for "President Arroyo is crazy," the first site listed is mine. How appropriate.


forg said...

what can you say about Drilon?

jhermie said...

nakaka baliw na talaga! Haha! =)