Thursday, July 21, 2005

The one with the good stuff diet

Started on the Fit for Life diet of Norman and Marilyn Diamond five days ago. It's based on the concept of natural hygiene, a.k.a. eating healthy, i.e., 70% fruits and vegetables, 30% everything else.

There's a lot to say for this diet, but I've read the book (on sale, mind you, hwekhwekhwek), and it goes against a lot of the material I've read in Atkins and South Beach. What works well for the diet is that it does advocate a lifestyle I can live with, and promotes a feeling of well-being not normally espoused by the other diets I've been on.

What I like about this diet is that it's very similar to the one I went on back in 1996 when I lost 30 pounds. The LHC saw the results, and I miss those days, yep.

Anyway, I started this diet lifestyle at 216, and I'm now 210. That's six pounds in two days, allegedly healthy, but I've been on enough diets to be more practical. Meanwhile, it does read like something I think I can do, so let's see how it goes. Wish me luck.

Note: Since a fruit and vegetable diet comes highly recommended, this means I'm limited by the number of places I can eat at. Neverthless, it looks promising.

If you're interested in trying the diet out, you can enjoy smoothies from Fuzion, all the vegetarian cuisine you want at Pho Hoa (including a delightful Goi Cuon vegetarian salad), and Greek salads at Shakeys. Mmmm.


Drina said...

Ganns, I am so glad that you're doing so well on the diet! Eh, no... I mean the lifestyle change :D

Jay said...

Well, Ganns, when you move to our area, there's this really good veggie place on banawe daw.

PePs said...

Hey Ganns!

Long time.

Anyway - I got sick of all the diets and found one that made sense : Portion Control. No books required. No special recipes. No cutting out of essential food groups.

I usually substitute the half cup of rice I don't eat with veggies.

Lost 30ish lbs last year. From the diet and triathlon.

See you soon!


Toni said...

just veggies and fruits? sounds good, but don't forget your protein!!!