Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The one with the Superblessed American Idol Contest Week 1

With only five weeks to go before the 2006 American Idol is crowned, the tension is starting to build and the pressure starting to mount. Who will win the 2006 American Idol competition: American Idol Taylor Hicks, American Idol Paris Bennett, American Idol Chris Daughtry, American Idol Elliot Yamin, American Idol Katherine McPhee, or American Idol Kellie Pickler?

Here's a little way for us to make things even more interesting. I have a little competition for you: every week, we will give away an American Idol-themed prize to a lucky Superblessed visitor. This week, the prize is a copy of Clay Aiken's debut CD, "Measure of a Man," as well as a a copy of LIVEtheLIFE Magazine (signed with a "Thank you" note by me, bwahaha).

What do you have to do? Simply identify who you think will be voted out in the Comments box. Enter your name, your email address, your mobile number, and the name of the American Idol finalist you think will be voted out.

This contest is valid until 11AM of April 27, 2006. At 12NN, we will separate the names of the entrants who correctly identified the Idol finalist voted off, then we will conduct an electronic ballot to determine who wins the Clay Aiken CD and the LIVEtheLIFE Magazine.

Only residents of the Philippines may enter. Metro Manila residents must be willing to meet up in Makati City to claim their prize; provincial residents must be willing to shoulder the shipping costs of the CD and magazine. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

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