Friday, April 28, 2006

The one with the Betty and Veronica campaign of Kamiseta

I'll replace this with a photo of the actual billboard. Give me time, folks.

Kamiseta, a popular Philippine boutique, seems to have lined up another ace up its fashionable sleeve. A huge Kamiseta billboard on EDSA (near Guadalupe, alongside the Pasig River) features Betty and Veronica of the hugely popular Archie Comics with the tagline "Are you a Betty or a Veronica?" Coming May 6, 2006 (?).

Kamiseta has shown that it has a knack for coming up with ad campaigns unlike the other Philippine clothing brands don't. Kamiseta were the first boutique in recent to go with an international model when Kamiseta launched with Alicia Silverstone (Penshoppe followed a few weeks later with Mandy Moore). A few years later, they replaced Silverstone with the beautifully gorgeous Natalie Portman! Now, taking a cue perhaps from Giordano's Disney line, Kamiseta appears to have inked some kind of deal with Archie Comics to brand a Betty and Veronica line. How unique!

Archie Comics' Betty and Veronica have always had a fashion page in their comics, and it appeals obviously to the upper and middle-class markets. If you're talking about "It's fun being a girl," Kamiseta can't go wrong with Betty and Veronica, two timeless emblems of girly-girl fashion.

Cathy says she was not particularly inclined to buy Kamiseta clothes, and this Betty and Veronica campaign doesn't change her mind (because the clothes are just too young for her), but she agrees with me that it's a brilliant idea that will at least generate a new round of buzz. Good luck, Kamiseta!

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