Friday, June 10, 2005

The one with Rain-X

It's rainy season and my wipers stink. After searching SM Megamall, I found this handy little product called Rain-X. My mother had one of those back when I was a teen, but I knew it was imported and didn't think anyone would actually bring it here. But they did, over at the 4th floor of SM Building A. Coolness.

When you apply this to your windshield, it creates a shield that makes raindrops bead on the windshield. This way, it doesn't stick, and with the force of the wind on your car as you drive along, the rain slides effortlessly to the side. The result? Improved visibility and less wear and tear on your wipers. I am thrilled. :D


Pilgrim said...

I've been trying to access for weeks now... is it gone forever? Or blogspot is just temporary? :)

Anyway, good to see you back! :)

Jeanny said...

Hi Ganns. I better tell this to hubby. It's a good product ha.

Btw, hubby also gave me a USB MP3 player (apacer) and we bought it at market market din and it's his 2nd year anniv gift to me. (coincidence di ba) :D

Ganns said...

Keren: I'm hoping it's temporary, but my webmaster is still mum on the issue.

Jeanny: Tell him! And that's such a cool coincidence, ha.

Aura said...

I still need to buy myself RainX. I hate driving in the rain. :( My windshield wipers are horrible! (Maybe I ought to replace them! hehe)

Visit abundantjoy2004 at livejournal. said...

yeah my dad uses that stuff all the time it works great when you are driving in heavy rain and you can see and you are praying for your life. :)

Ganns said...

Aura: here you can buy 'em for P144.00. That's like US$2.50.

Linda: I pray for my life all the time.

Michael said...

Rain-x is some great stuff. We used to package it where I work.