Friday, June 10, 2005

LINK DU JOUR: 7 Day Holy

7 Day Holy is the blog of Tanya, an introspective and well-educated young woman seeking to find meaning and do great things for God in today's world. Her blog is the epitome of the Biblical phrase "In the world but not of it," seeking to do God's will and deal with life's trials and tribulations through the help of the Holy Spirit.

When you read her entries, you literally see her heart on her sleeve. Her aches are your aches, her joys bring a smile to your face, her sorrows become your sorrows, and when she prays for the latest object of her desire to bring that object back to God, you can almost feel the sweat become blood.

7 Day Holy. Visit Tanya today.


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Cindy Swanson said...

Ganns, I'm honored that my "Notes in the Key of Life" is on your blogroll. "Superblessed" has been on mine for some time as well.

Thanks for highlighting other bloggers--it's something we should all do more!

Ganns said...

It's a pleasure and honor to be on your blogroll, Miss Cindy!

tanya said...

Ganns - i got a heads up from cindy that you've written this post about my blog. i'm blown away by your kind words. even as i write, i have tears streaming down my face... i can only say, 'thanks' for sharing your encouragement. praying for you, friend.