Thursday, October 13, 2005

The one with the Mercury Drug fight

I went to Mercury Drug Greenbelt during my lunch break to buy my Mom's medicines before her trip to the U.S. When it was my turn to be called, I proceeded to the station where the counter pharmacist was waiting for me, all the while searching on my mobile for the message where my Mom listed her medicines.

Then this old man reached over my shoulder to the pharmacist with a hundred-peso bill in his hand, calling for some vitamin pill.

I just snapped right then and there. I was in line and it was wrong of him to sneak past me in line, so I said, "Oh my God, no, I was first in line, no, no!" I then whipped out my credit card and my Mercury Drug Suki Card and gave it to the pharmacist along with my mobile that listed all the medicines.

The man then went ballistic. He said in a halting Cotabato accent, "if you get in line, have all your lists prepared!"

"No! I was first in line, it makes no difference!"

"No! You have your list ready!" He then proceeded to insult me, how my mastery of the English language showed I was obviously rich, but how my clothes said I looked like a driver (again!), how if I were in Cotabato he'd kick my butt.

At one point, I asked the pharmacists, "What's the policy here? First come, first served, right?" to which they nodded, then to the pharmacist who called me, "You called me right," to which he nodded, but no one stood up for me and told the man off.

I was really shaking with anger but didn't want to say anything further because I didn't want to stoop to his level, be told off further that I didn't have respect for the elderly, or put up a bad front for Christians. Eventually, he got his purchase and walked out, ranting about how my mother was a whore!

Now, my mind plays back what I could've said, what I could've done, all the possibilities I could've latched onto, and I find myself thinking I could've done more. End of day, getting my medicines first mayn't have been the right thing to do, because I can't concentrate on work because of what happened earlier. I know I did the right thing, and stood up for the right things, so why do I feel so stepped on?

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