Thursday, October 13, 2005

The one with how Smart's retention plan gave me a new phone

The Nokia 6601i. My new mobile phone. :) Goodbye, three-year-old Nokia 3310!

Smart Telecommunications Philippines has retention plans! Why didn't anyone tell me about this before? LOL

I've had my Smart line for more than two years, and was thinking of switching to Sun Cellular because of the good phone-line deals they have there. However, I was really turned off by the reputation that their signal isn't very good at night (hard to connect), so when Tet told me about Smart's retention plan, I jumped and went straight to the Smart Wireless Center.

Once there, the very friendly counterpersons helped me pick out a phone and renew my plan, which was even better, because my old plan had me paying P1335, but now, I pay only P1200 because the P1335 plan doesn't exist anymore! Good service, and patient, too, because I was hedging on phone choice. They also helped Cathy activate MMS capability on her mobile phone. So now, I'm locked in to Smart for another two years, but I've gotten myself a spanking new phone with all the trimmings, including camera, FM radio, WAP, MMS, polyphonic ringtone capability, Java games, and a 500-entry phonebook.

Smart is simply amazing!

Update: I can't get my phone for another six months, I think. :( Something legal came up. Darn.

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