Tuesday, October 04, 2005

The one with the double whammy

The October issue of Men's Health Philippines is a shocker for me, primarily because MHP published a letter I sent them in July. The letter pretty much read as follows:

I've been obese pretty much all my life. Just recently, a few weeks after my 28th birthday, I decided to turn my life around by embarking on a healthy, permanent lifestyle journey. Imagine my surprise and thrill when I discovered Men's Health, at P120 a terrific Bible of sorts to help me on the trip! Layout, material quality, features... everything is useful and doable. It's been a great start: I've already lost 15 lbs on my way to a planned 60 lbs., and with Men's Health helping me out, I'll see you in December 2005 as a bonafide member of the Belly Off Club. Thanks a lot.

Not only did the letter see print; it was chosen as Letter of the Month! LOL Can you imagine that? I won for myself a canister of Impact Whey Protein. God is good! What a great thing to happen to me!... or is it?

When I wrote the letter in July, I lost 15 lbs. as part of a Fit for Life diet. As it turns out, I didn't lose much weight after that, and the letter explicitly says that I would've lost 60 lbs. by December 2005. Almost literally bit off more than I could chew! So I have to be serious for the next two months and try to burn as much fat as I can without it being an unhealthy weight loss! LOL

I did it before and I can do it again!!

But before I think that I'd look fabulous, something's always bound to happen to send me plumetting back to earth. In this particular case, a fellow on the elevator asked me:

"Ikaw ba yung driver ni Butch?"

Wow, I always thought I looked good, but if people think I look like a driver, then dang, I've really let myself go! [Not that there's anything wrong with looking like or being a driver.]


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