Saturday, April 30, 2005

The one with how I am now a single parent

As I type this, my wife is probably listening to preaching from one of the Hope of God pastors at the international church camp in Chiang Mai, Thailand. She left last Thursday morning with her mother, and will return on Thursday afternoon next week.

For the first time in our more than two-year marriage, I am alone - and a single parent, to boot. I mean, sure, I've got Susan, but suddenly I'm so much more acutely aware of the awesome responsibilities facing me for the next seven days. Nathan is literally depending on me completely for his survival.


Actually, last night, after the prayer meeting, I found myself wondering what I was going to do. Normally, after the meeting, I would go and fetch Cathy, then we'd have a late dinner. Now, I had the option to go straight home... and watch TV, because Nathan would surely be asleep. Not having Cathy beside me when I went to bed was discomfiting... I ended up falling asleep at half past two, mindlessly channel surfing and wondering what she was doing, whether she missed me insanely as I was missing her, and whether she was sleeping in a bug-infested bed at Rompo Mansion.

So I had a Chickenjoy dinner, went home, and consoled myself with designs and deletions and CD burning.

I have got to start relying on God. I shouldn't feel this empty now without Cathy because God should fill me up. It's hard, though - I miss my baby. *sniff*

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