Thursday, April 28, 2005

The one with my new job

Effective May 5, my Academic Proficiency Program teaching days will be over, and I begin my new employment as copy editor of...

... Uno Magazine.


I know what you're thinking (or at least I think I know). How can I work for a magazine like Uno? What kind of justification can I possibly have to work for a men's magazine that appears to objectify women, and seems to promote all the wrong values?

There is no justification, frankly. I can't even start. The economics of my situation make it extremely difficult to not resist the offer. It literally went like this: I submitted my resume, was introduced to the publishers and editor, and chatted with them a bit. An hour later, I got a callback and was told I was being offered the job.

I won't lie and say I'm not even in the least bit excited for this opportunity, because it is a big opportunity to see how things work in the magazine industry, something I mayn't have done too well in the past. At least working in a magazine as active as Uno will give me a great chance to see what I didn't do quite right with LIVEtheLIFE so I can make it better should God see fit to give me another chance (and God is a God of second, third, infinitessimal chances).

And, to be completely honest, I like Uno tons better than FHM, the leading men's magazine and purveyor of smut extravaganza. The articles read better, the pictures aren't remotely as smutty, and it's locally made, so kahit papaano, there's a relatively decent Filipino mentality to it, rather than all the articles FHM Philippines lifts off its foreign counterparts.

I told them I'd be ready to work by end of next week, but I continue to wait on God, because a wise woman once told me that if a decision is God-sent, you will feel the most amazing peace upon you, and right now, I can't say I'm completely peaceful. Excited, but a bit discomfited. Here's to another avenue. I do hope I find my niche soon.

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