Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The one with Nina's show

Last Saturday, Cathy and I caught the Hard Rock show of Nina sponsored by 96.3 WRock (Cathy's favorite station - she won't admit it, but it so obviously is). When the show began, we didn't have high hopes; as a matter of fact, Cathy whispered in my ear, "we can leave early if it gets boring."

It was one of the best shows we'd ever seen.

Apparently, Nina's voice can't be captured in its glory by mere recording, which is a shame. On her three albums, she sounds good, but slightly nasal, and I didn't exactly like her voice. However, when she sings live, it's something completely different.

She was unbelievably good! Her rapport with the audience was head-on, with her gamely posing for camera phones, digital cameras, and videocams, posing coquettish one second, smiling sweetly the next. She seemed genuinely humble, and really gave back to her fans, greeting people happy birthday, and encouraging everyone to have a good time. I liked her voice control, and when she let go on some of the later songs, there wasn't one hair on my arms and neck left unstanding. Her range was excellent, and her choice of songs (most of which were also available on Nina Live!, her best-selling live album) was stellar. She was outstanding!

Oh, did I mention Nyoy Volante, the chipper acoustic singer famous in his own right, showed up and sang Fallen with her at the end of the show? Free tickets and a free duet with Nyoy and Nina! Who's superblessed now?! :)

Okay, so she didn't sing any of her originals. She doesn't write her own songs, apparently, and her choice of outfit was a little too racy for my taste. After this show, I definitely think she's one of the more talented musicians in the local scene, and I'd watch another show of hers in a heartbeat. Galing, galing.

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