Friday, April 08, 2005

The one on LIFTED!

God remains faithful. :)

Last night, I met up with a talented and funny individual named Eric Perpetua, assistant program director over at my favorite station, Jam 88.3. A few weeks ago, I sent a proposal to Joe D'Mango, the station manager, for a show I tentatively titled Lifted!, seen as a show for acoustic Contemporary Christian music. I prayed for it, but was not very optimistic it would get approval; only one station, NU107, airs Christian music, and the show, Against the Flow, is Christian rock, and they air it Sundays at 1030PM. In effect, there was really no avenue for some of the more rhythmic acoustic Christian music available, which I think has a better chance of crossing over and touching the lives of Filipino teens and young adults.

Yet God remains faithful.

Mr. Perpetua was an open-minded and intelligent man, as is Mr. Mango (that's an odd name - how else should we address him? Dear Joe?). We laughed much during the course of our conversation, and he informed me that Jam 88.3 was willing to take a chance on Lifted!, in effect making Jam 88.3 the first major Metro Manila station to have a full-fledged Contemporary Christian music show!

God is faithful!

Lifted! will air for 30 minutes on Sunday with a replay Sunday evening. It will feature great acoustic guitar and piano songs by some of CCM's most vibrant artists, and will have uplifting quotes and inspiring stories. "Music to lift your spirits and soothe your soul."

God is truly faithful!

I'm hosting it. SOB! It makes me want to cry. After LIVEtheLIFE wrote 30, I didn't know what else to do to reach out. God made a way, and I'm going to run with it and make a difference for Christ.

We're back doing great things for God! Can't nobody hold a Christian down!

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