Wednesday, May 04, 2005

The one jampacked with God's blessings

I recommitted myself to Christ today in a long overdue prayer for forgiveness. I tell you, though, that once you're back in the fold after slipping and sliding, God welcomes you back with open arms and works His power in your life. I'm testament to that today.

What happened?
1) I redeemed my credit card bonus points. The Standard Chartered Rewards Program awards a gift certificate worth P100 from National Bookstore for every 1,200 points. I had enough points to receive 13 GC's from SCB! Praise God! To make matters even sweeter, the Bankard Infinite Rewards Program awards a gift voucher worth P1,000 for every 4,000 points, redeemable at Rustan's, SM, or Robinson's. I had enough points for two gift vouchers, so that's P2,000 worth of diapers, milk, and cereal at SM! [You gotta love credit card companies that give something back.]

2) I took a qualifying examination for Copy Editor at Global Sources. While I don't know how well I performed versus the other candidates, I was pleased with how I did. So, regardless of whether I make it or not, I'm happy. I also ran into wackymathay there. Say a prayer for his application to Citibank.

3) Found a cute Blue's Clues Blue(R) doll at Gift Factory! For P150, happy na ako. Nathan's going to be so thrilled!

4) Cathy is going to be home the day after tomorrow! I can't wait!

So how've things been with all y'all?

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