Sunday, May 15, 2005

The one with this past week and Prosec

I'm about to go home after having brought Cathy to Red Box to claim the first two of her six certificates to what is arguably the best karaoke place in Manila. I just had to blog for a little while about my week. It's been very difficult getting to a Net cafe with my employment situation being as it is.

In a nutshell, I will continue to handle Prosec classes until well into the week after next. I thank God for Prosec: without the facilitator fees coming from them, I have no idea where I'd get money to help my family cope. It's really something else, going through what I'm going through; it's definitely refiner's fire, and I know I'll get through it through God's grace and my own inimitable will to survive to watch the next episode of American Idol.

Meanwhile, I know that at least one company to which I applied did not take me in, because they posted a new ad on Jobstreet for the position for which I applied. Shame, really; I thought I did quite well. It's all about the humbling experiences, folks, and I've been learning about that these past twelve months.

Well, time's up - gotta run home and be with my son, assuming he ain't asleep. Do leave me a note, and I promise to visit your blogs soon. Take care and God superbless.


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for a sec there i though that titke said prozac hehehe

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