Friday, May 06, 2005

The one with how it doesn't stop pouring

I'm so blessed by God!

11pm last night, a friend texts me to congratulate me for that article in the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

"What essay?" I text back.

"The one where you wrote about proposing to Cathy."

It then hit me! I won a prize at the 2BU Valentine's Blowout! I sent an entry in and it won! Last Valentine's, I made a sign for Cathy using more than 300 pieces of Halls Honey-Lemon, Raspberry, and Ice Mint, took a picture, and sent it in to the PDI.

It won. I don't know what I won, but regardless, I'm sure it's bound to be awesome! :)

May God be glorified! See what happens when I give it up to Him? Gosh, I'm so psyched.

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ohhhhh wow... that is crazy hehhehe