Monday, February 07, 2005

The one with the realization

So I just came from church, where praise and worship was a bit subdued today. It's as if there were some pall of heaviness hanging over everyone, but from whence it came I wasn't sure.

I thank God for His ways, though, because the pastor showed a movie afterward titled Transformations. This collection of shorts on how prayer and faith lifted areas of Guatemala, Kenya, California, and Colombia from their dark, evil squalor, to a revival in the love of Christ, almost literally shone a light in my face.

I saw the Philippines in the "before" segments. In the faces of those citizens I saw the corruption, the utter lawlessness, the feeling of hopelessness and despair, that is mirrored in the faces of Filipinos today. Yet, by the unity of the Christian family of God, churches coming together in prayer vigils motivated by a desire to change their land, I saw hope and the vibrant result: a society that is joyful, where people live to serve and help each other instead of trying to get ahead.

Things aren't so bad here as they were in Colombia: how does one, for instance, battle the infamous Colombian drug cartels and the corrupt law enforcement? It's almost depressing, but you can see how people turned it around with the power of prayer.

In less than two hours, I was shamed immensely. I saw more faith in the actions of an eight-year-old girl than I have manifested in the past six months. But praise God!, we need moments like these for comparison and clarity, and now I'm ready to resume the fight to win our youth!

Praise the Lord!

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