Saturday, February 12, 2005

The one on early American Idol picks

So Cathy and I were able to catch last night's one-hour American Idol Season4 on StarWorld. Both she and I agree there is so much more talent this year than last year's, that it kinda made it hard to pick our own choices. But, just for the sake of pointing it out, I'll make my own choice forecasts, knowing that not all these folks will make it because popularity will win out. That's democracy for you.

1) Anwar Robinson. Dang, the brotha can sing!
2) Constantine Maroulis. I don't think his voice is that great, but the AI folks are giving him so much airtime...
3) Sean McNeill. I hope he makes it. His voice is angel-pure. Plus, he's a youth pastor, and we cheer on the Christians! Update: Cut. Darn it.
4) John Zisa. You can tell the judges like him. His voice is okay, could make for a jazz career if he decides to take that route.
5) Mario Vazquez. His voice is buttah, and he's got a nice Latin look that could cross over.
6) David Brown. Not too good-looking, but the pipes on that brotha...! Plus, he seems intense.
7) Anthony Federov. Overcame a tracheotomy as a child, and has a different look altogether. Those glasses and that voice combined make for an interesting performer. Think sexy Clay.
8) Jeff Johnson. Youth worship pastor with albums out already. Shouldn't he be disqualified? No? Then give the man a chance!
9) For filling in, y'all.
10) For filling in, y'all.
11) For filling in, y'all.
12) For filling in, y'all.

1) Carrie Underwood. Cathy loves her, and I do, too. Sweet but not saccharine. Could do wonders for country music, if AI decides to give Nashville Star a run for its money.
2) Rashida Johnson. My personal favorite. Yeah, she has a cold, and yeah, she don't look too nice, but she's the real thing, you can tell. This year's J-Hud! Update: Cut. Darn it.
3) Mikalah Gordon. She's a real spitfire, you gotta give her that. I love her sass, and she's got a great set of pipes. Between her and Jacklyn Crum, I think the young'uns could still go quite far.
4) Sharon Galvez. Go Zhar! She gets prettier with time. Lose the fake-color lenses, girl. Update: Cut. Darn it.
5) Jacklyn Crum. Getting a lot of airtime, young and determined, plus her mom adds for great TV. I think she's got talent, and she could go very far. She could make it! Sure, she cries at everything, she herself said so, but I think that's sweet; give her a break, she's 16!
6) Lindsay Cardinale. Hot. Hot. Hot.
7) For filling in, y'all.
8) For filling in, y'all.
9) For filling in, y'all.
10) For filling in, y'all.
11) For filling in, y'all.
12) For filling in, y'all.


Mercedes said...

They don't disqualify people who have albums out...they won't allow you to join only if you have an existing contract, or so say the people who are on the AI boards (I was looking up whether or not Sharon Galvez was Pinay, turns out she is!). My pick was the one girl (Elizabeth something?) who left because *snif* she wanted to be home with her son. That's an Idol for ya, she is admirable. She could really sing, she had the look and she could perform.

Anonymous said...

Heyyy ganns!!! I have a Blogger account now :P check it out ok? oh this one is just my testimony blog, but at least I can 'leave a message now' :P God bless!

Toni said...

Mario Vasquez is my manok!!!