Friday, February 18, 2005

The one where I'm actually in the running for a blog award

Praise God for His family's encouraging heart and spirit! I'm currently fourth overall in Philip and Chette's Blog of the Month contest. Thank you, whoever you are who nominated me for BOTM, for you've made my day.

Why don't y'all scoot on over to the official Blog of the Month site and see who else made the cut. Considering everyone else seems to be in their teens and into anime, I'm tickled pink to even be in the running. A 27-year-old Filipino-Christian, a semifinalist with such a young group; I feel like an old dog being thrown a bone. Teeheehee. Hey, Bene Diction, I'm getting a taste of my own medicine, and I like it!


Aura said...

Take 6 is amazing! I saw them live here in L.A. back in October. My gosh! They were incredible! One of the most profound musical experiences I've ever had.

Unknown said...