Wednesday, February 23, 2005

The one where I blast Dennis Roldan

This only goes to solidify my belief that our country needs some serious change in our leadership.

Cathy and I were discussing in the car the other day how, instead of feeling safe, the reaction of most Filipinos when they see a policeman is usually one of unease, fear, and uncertainty. Our lawmakers and law enforcers, those people we're supposed to trust with our lives, and whose wages are paid for by our taxes, are the ones responsible for most kidnapping situations, flagrant law violations, and graft and corruption on a shockingly immense scale.

Here we have a former congressman as the primary suspect for a Fil-Chinese boy's abduction. He is a former actor and sportsman, no less! Assisting him in his heinous activities are the town sheriff and a couple of other lawmen.

Good golly! If we cannot trust our legislators and law enforcers to protect us, what will become of our nation?


Anonymous said...

bro just wondering did you know this site?, i have the cd documentary :) it is about revivals ;)

Arnold said...

Funny thing is, when the police conducted the operation, and after taking Roldan by force while he was sleeping with his family, his wife mistaken the policemen as robbers. She went to the police station claiming that the "robbers" not only took her husband but also some huge amount of cash and jewelries. I don't know if her claims are true, but mistakenly seeing policemen as robbers (or kidnappers, or whatever) is a common thing :D

Honestly, in my opinion, even if we change leadership now (I read Teddy Benigno yesterday as proposing a snap election), things won't change much. The problem isn't the leadership perse, but IMHO it's everyone else that plays a role in the society. Kahit mga mamamayan, kasama sa problema. The way things are going, I do not see any improvement in the government and the system and the society. Call it pessimism, I call it reality.

Mercedes said...

It's sad, isn't it? Change needs to start with the individual. On the one hand, the Pinas is mostly Catholic but that's just a label, in all reality. Catholics believe in the teachings of the bible: do not bear false witness, etc., yet do they *live* it? One can complain about that fact with regards to any nation group, in all reality. It's just a matter of degree. Christians in all nations ought to live as examples as best as they can. Tough, but doable with God's help. Ano?

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