Friday, January 14, 2005

The one with Sigaw ng Liwanag

Last night, I hosted the launch of Sigaw ng Liwanag (Shouts of the Heavens) at the 4th floor of the SM Megamall, fronting Dad's. A photovandalism work featuring the amazing photographs of talented multimedia artist A.G. Sano, a portion of the money raised from the sale of Sigaw ng Liwanag photographs goes to the He Cares Foundation, a Philipping NGO working to uplift the living situations of Filipino streetchildren.

It was hectic, but fun. I miss hosting and being a DJ. There's a narcissistic dimension, admittedly, but I like piecing everything together and being able to crack the occasional bad joke or two, or fifteen. It helps that A.G. and Claire are both solid Christians, and it's a prayer that God will work mightily in the lives of all people involved at last night's production.

I also ran into Kathy Chua Chiacco, who I hadn't seen since graduation from Ateneo in 1998. Her skin art is fantastic. I miss not getting new skin art. :p I met Vim Nadera, who is simply amazing, and Lourd de Veyra of Radioactive Sago Project. I don't get out that often, so it was a blast and a half. God be praised.


REMwastrel said...

hey, i bumped into you too! :) here's my blog.

- ginny

Heffer Wolfe said...

saw A.G. earlier today sa exhibit area (i recognized from the sunday inquirer mag article posted sa isa dun sa boards) and nahihiya kong lumapit. ganda ng mga gawa niya lalo na dun sa isang malaking picture na may 2 lightning (the one fronting dad's resto). :D

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