Wednesday, January 26, 2005

The one with a lotta photos


My son's gonna be a pianist!

My son's gonna be the next American Idol!

My son's gonna be a champion mah jongg player!

Too cute, hangin' out in the car.

Praise the Lord! Amen! Yehey!

Too, too tired.


Kissy, kissy.

I love my baby.


The cover for the first single of G3, the duo of myself on keyboards, and Gene Bagano on guitar. He rocks the house, y'all, and refuses to stick to my slick marketing idea. It's like Bob Marley meets L.A. Lopez.

Me in the driver's seat. The car wasn't moving, I swear.


manlalakbay said...

ang cute talaga ni nathan, ganns! sobra kayong pinagbiyak na puwet. grabe. he is so you!

at alis ang inyong partnership ni gene. yup, you still look like LA lopez after all these years. make sure to give nathan iodized salt.


Lyra said...

Wow Ganns! Nathan is going to be just like his dad, pianista na, songer pa! :p Ang cute nya! Buti nagmana kay Cathy. :D

Jax said...

looky, looky! it's the proud daddy! nathan's growing up to be such a looker. he has such a great smile! he's gonna drive a lot of girls wild when he grows up.

and i just want to comment, ganns. the SBD and the gym is really working ah. you've gotten thinner na!

Arnold said...

Ahwwww... how cute. :)