Saturday, January 22, 2005

The one with having so much in common with Chandler Bing

I've been listening (not watching - my portable VCD player works in my car) to the ninth season episodes of Friends, and I find that, in many ways, Cathy and I are remarkably similar to Monica and Chandler.

Check this out:
1) Chandler is extremely sarcastic, and relies on humor to overcome personal insecurity. Ahem!
2) Monica is wonderfully organized. So's Cathy.
3) There was a point where Monica made a sacrifice and allowed Chandler to quit his job so he could find the one thing he liked to do most and do it so he could be happy. My baby loves me so much that she's actually stood by me for more than eight months while I developed Superblessed Media.
4) Monica doesn't generally like to sing. Cathy can't. (Joke, my love!)
5) Chandler and Monica eventually have kids... and love them to bits. Nathan is overloved. LOL

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Unknown said...

Maybe you can pitch the show "Superblessed" to fill the gap created by Friends ending!