Sunday, November 28, 2004

The one with the list of LIVEtheLIFE Bloggers!

LIVEtheLIFE owes a lot to the Fil-Christian blogging community. A lot of the writers and online support that jumpstarted the magazine came from the online connection of blogs. So, a profuse thanks to one and all Christian bloggers who are willing to make a stand!

I would like to recognize you - please stand up and be recognized! Friends, if you've linked up to the LIVEtheLIFE "Help Spread the Word" online campaign, please email me or comment here so I can add you to the list of people who are helping us take a stand for Christian values in print media! We're fighting fire with fire, to bring teens back to a lifestyle of constant communication with Jesus! Praise God!

If you'd like to join this, it's pretty simple. Just visit this link, and copy paste the text onto your blog. Title it however you wish: standard is "Help Spread the Word! LIVEtheLIFE, Nov 27!" Then blog it, then send me an email or comment on this particular blog entry that you've helped us spread the word! I'll then add you to the growing list below. May God bless you all immensely!

LIVEtheLIFE Bloggers, count off!

1. Ganns Deen (Superblessed)
2. Wifely (Wifely Steps)
3. The Rowster. (The Rowster)
4. Arnold (Better Than Life)
5. Daniel (
6. Rick Manzano (
7. Jax (Jax Place)
8. Keren (
9. Tina (
10. Lyra (Behind the Wooden Door)
11. Riz (Outbursts)
12. Jeanny (Hubby and Wife)
13. Ariel (In Between Panels)
14. JM (For a While)
15. Pau (
16. Phisch (
17. Daxi (Daxi)
18. Trisha (Off Tilt)
19. Beabear (Beabear)
20. hafajerry (Barkadahan post)
21. Chette (Chette's Personal Blog)
22. Boris (I Love Boris)
23. Boris ( - Two Borises? What are the odds?!)
24. Meryll (Just Keep Swimming)
25. Wayne (Wayne Manuel)
26. Ida (Full Cup Cafe)


Drina said...

Man, if only that was around when *I* was a teenager... :)

Jeanny said...

Count me in bro.

Jeanny said...

btw, my blog pla is . Visit sometime if you have time.

Heffer Wolfe said...

Hi Ganns! Count me in too. Sorry for the delay. :D

JM said...

Definitely Definitely COUNT ME IN!

Daxi said...

Count me in too! (sorry for the delay Ganns!)

notsquare said...

wow! you found me! :) see you there!

Boris Buenavista said...

My friend Ricky told me about your mag. I can't wait for it to come out ^_^ Anyways, I had linked it in my blog: in order to help you spread the word. More power to your magazine ^_^

BoRiS said...

Count me in too, Ganns! :)

By the way, when will we (Bacolod City) expect an issue to be sold here? :) Thanks and God bless on the launching!!! (",)

BoRiS said...

I'm not quite sure kung anu yung pangalan ko dito sa blogger account ko.. hehe.. anyway, it's me BON a.k.a. BoRiS(bon nalang, may kapangalan ako dito, hehe..), friend ni keren tan from Bacolod city too..